To serve your busy family, we offer childcare between 7:30AM and the start of school; and from the end of the school day until 5:30PM, with additional options for school closings, holidays, and teacher work days. Transportation, snacks, homework assistance, and recreational activities are all included in the cost of tuition. Pre-registration is required for part time, backup care, and drop-in services. These services are subject to availability.

Our elementary school children enjoy playing and learning in our safe, supervised environment. We utilize arts and crafts, field trips, learning games, and other age-appropriate, multi-sensory activities to help children develop the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical skills that they need for success, at every stage of life. We meet children where they are developmentally and lay a school readiness foundation that fosters seven essential life skills as detailed in Making in the Mind: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs Book by Ellen Galinsky.

*Seven Essential life Skills that Every Child Need all of which we support each child through the different stages of development

  1. Focus and self-control:Involves paying attention, remembering the rules, thinking flexibly and exercising self-control.
  2. Perspective taking:This goes far beyond empathy: it involves figuring out what others think and feel, and forms the basis of children understanding their parents’, teachers’ and friends’ intentions. Children who can take others’ perspectives are also much less likely to get involved in conflicts
  3. Communicating:This is much more than understanding language, speaking, reading and writing – it is the skill of determining what one wants to communicate and realizing how our communications will be understood by others. It is the skill that teachers and employers feel is most lacking today.
  4. Making Connections: This area is at the heart of learning—figuring out what’s the same, what’s different and sorting these things into categories. Making unusual connections is at the core of creativity. In a world where people can Google for information, it is the people who can see the connections who can go beyond knowing information to using this information well.
  5. Critical Thinking: This is engagement in ongoing search for valid and reliable knowledge to guide beliefs, decisions and actions. This is an area that is fostered through field trips experiential learning.
  6. Taking on Challenges: Life is full of stresses and challenges. Children who are willing to take on challenges (instead of avoiding them or simply coping with them) do better in school and in life.
  7. Self Directed, Engaged, Learning: It is through learning that we can realize our potential. As the world changes, so can we, for as long as we live — as long as we learn.


  • Children have access to an inviting rest/quiet area.
  • Breakfast is available.
  • Transportation to school is provided.


  • Transportation from school to Jackson Child Care is provided.
  • Snack is available.
  • Children have access to a collection of classic games from single player to multiple players with different skill levels.  Includes Guess Who, Connect Four, Twister, Trouble, Sorry, and Jenga.

*Mind in the Making by Ellen Galinsky