Educational and Recreational Field Trips Combining Living and Learning! We get children off to a good start! By venturing into the community and into nature, children are reaping the benefits of natural authentic (experiential) learning. In years past young children learned in real world setting. It is a routine practice, at Jackson Child Care, to incorporate field trips with hands-on-activities into our program at a level that is developmentally age appropriate. We participate in free field trips offered through Field Trip Factory. If you would like to learn more about community field trips, trip-learning standards, behavioral studies, cognitive reasoning, self-regulations and other curriculum components click here.

We offer field trips that address a variety of societal needs by teaching important skills while supporting basic classroom curriculum. All trips are grade and age appropriate and support learning standards. Field tripping is a foundational component of our community enrichment program. Children develop an understanding of community life through field trips. Through field trips children are introduced to the concept of community and careers. Children are also introduced to people and places. They learn about citizenship, character development, and the knowledge of a responsible citizen in a caring community. Field trips make learning come to live. Field trip for young children does not have to be a daylong expedition. It can be as simple (yet as effective) as a ten-minute adventure. The field trip experiences give children a broader perspective of life and the community than they might not have otherwise had. Our community field trips have been developing children’s lives and academic skills for over 25 years!