Welcome to our home. You will notice that both the inside and outside have been designed to encourage enriching, fun activities. Each day, we build learning skills and life skills by engaging your child in structured, educational activities that promote socialization, safe play, and school-readiness. Our setting is filled with creative, interactive toys and props that let your child’s curiosity, creativity, and imagination soar!

INDOOR PLAYOur indoor areas are secure, with an off-site monitoring service. We hold our setting to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety by:

  • Developing an emergency plan that is shared with all parents
  • Ensuring that anything that could harm a child is carefully locked away
  • Participating in monthly fire drills and quarterly shelter-in-place drills
  • Checking and maintaining smoke alarms regularly


OUTDOOR PLAY– Play is essential to the development of children’s coordination, as well as gross and fine motor skills. Our well maintained, fenced back yard is equipped with a playground structure and an array of equipment to encourage gross motor skill play (racing, climbing, running, rolling and other age appropriate risks and challenging behaviors). We also maintain a collection of gross motor materials such as hula-hoops and balls (hop balls, footballs, baseballs, basketballs, etc.) to increase motor skills and muscle coordination. Fine motor materials include balls, building kits, games, sand and water tables, and sorting kits. We are one of the proud participants in the Let’s Move Initiative.