We follow the Fairfax County Public School Calendar. A consistent daily schedule is a major component of an effective early childhood preschool program. In accordance with age appropriate best practices, our daily schedule is filled with intentionally designed joyful learning experiences. By design, guided creative activities integrate across learning domains. Curriculum integration enables our preschool teachers to identify the connections among learning domains and to provide a relevant context for children’s engagement in learning. We foster children’s love for learning through guided play experiences, multisensory hands-on activities, along with recreational and educational field trips to align with developmental benchmarks as required by the Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning. We know that these comprehensive standards for four-year olds provide a measurable range of skills and knowledge essential for a successful transition into kindergarten. To learn more about the standards click here.

Studies show that young children learn experientially through play,exploration, and discovery. With this in mind, our preschool curriculum emphasizes indoor and outdoor activities, field trips, and a variety of enrichment programs. Each day, children engage in hands-on learning with carefully designed, age-appropriate lessons that align with the standards of Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning. To learn more about Virginia’s preschool standards click here.

Our nurturing, structured environment prepares children for kindergarten by giving them the knowledge and development of behavioral skills they need to succeed paired with the curiosity and confidence they need to thrive!