2021 FARM to CACFP Week of October 18-22 Summary

This week’s Fantastic Friday, we closed out the Farm to CACFP Week with a Spaghetti Lunch.

As this year’s Farm to CACFP Week comes to an end. I reviewed our adventures and experiences of the past five days. Overall, it was another fun week of learning engagements. Throughout the years, there continues to be a common theme of farming, food, and fun.

Our goal is to introduce farm, farm life, and why the farm is essential. Introduce the kiddos to a variety of food and why food is vital. And making the introduction and learning experiences sensory fun and engaging.  An initial goal we showcase during the Farm to CACFP Week. However, meal and snack times account for one-third of our daily schedule. Accomplishing our goal is based on lesson planning that we incorporated into our day-to-day program. An e.g. Farm to Table 2021 farm-to-table-en-sp-cacfp-org

We simplified the mentioned topics in age-appropriate developmental lesson planning with fun and memorable sensory experiences.  Our preschoolers are dramatic, curious, and love to explore. The planning and our preschoolers’ participation made for a successful week!

Thanks to the Farm to CACFP Week team for a fun Celebration. Thank you for the year-round support, professional development, and business resources. Below is our FARM to CACFP Week’s chronological view without the associated extended learning activities in the other developmental early learning domains:

While celebrating, we acquired life skills, learned about where our food came from, and discussed the importance of making healthy food choices.

A childcare provider’s CACFP participation in the food program is an “Indicator of Quality Care.”Here is a link to learn more about the National CACFP Sponsors Associations https://www.cacfp.org/