This year’s summer camp is about learning, socialization, a triumphant return to school with fun art, music, and cooking experiences. We are learning the Elements of Art and learning about influential artists. In June, Lotus Stewart with The Studio with Art History Kids introduced us to Tarsila do Amaral, a renounced Brazilian Artist, and Mother of Brazilian Modernism. An inclusive introduction with opportunities to observe, discuss, discover, create, and connect.

We are had a fantastic time exploring and weaving the findings of Ms. Tarsila into our early learning curriculum. A curriculum with fun lesson plan exploration in the early learning foundational building blocks. It explores experiences designed to foster early learning concepts on lines, geometrical shapes, and perspective. We learned about the stories, legends, foods, and myths behind some artists’ paintings. Our learning included virtual trips to Brazil to introduce the Brazilian culture, music, food, children’s games, and the Brazilian style. Using the mentioned overall experience as inspiration, yesterday, the children had a fun time creating this 4th of July landscapes –

This year’s Summer Camp Curriculum includes Instructional Learning with concept development and connection to the following domains: Music, Science, History, Geography, and Art.

Campers Engagement: When asked what they think of their art experience. Here are some of the kiddos’ comments:

  • Joyce/5 – I am interested in “The Cuca,” The animal Painting.
  • Ruth/7 – The artist’s solo looks realistic.
  • Mehmood/6 – I see the Artist’s use of hearts, other shapes, and lines.
  • Malcolm /4- About the tail in “The Cuca.” It is made up of Horizontal Lines.

Parents’ Encouraging Feedback to June Daily Reports:

  • Ms. Aisha: Wow! Wow and Wow! What an intellectual exposure and experience for children at this early stage. Jackson care is phenomenal!
  • Mr. Ahmed: Great learning for children.
  • Ms. Amatullah: The children have such beautiful experiences, Ms. Jackson and Christabell – Thank you for sharing. The entire day looked amazing!
  • Mr. Jember: We loved their schedule & this week’s focus on 3 days Art sessions was great. 
  • Ms. Lou-Ann: What a joy to watch the children jumping, exploring, and enjoying their lunch!
  • The musical chairs looked so fun! They were sharp players AND DJs too! I also enjoyed hearing how everyone spent their Father’s Day. 
  • Ms. Joo: Looks like lots of fun and learning!
  • The ART Studio Feedback: Monica, I just LOVE what you’re doing in your child care! These kids are so lucky to be immersed in such a creative and thoughtful environment!

This year’s summer camp experience is going better than planned. The kiddos are so excited, and together we are learning about art, music, and cooking in the different early learning foundational domains through The ART Studio. The month of June allowed us to explore and learned through a virtual journey to Brazil. We are thankful to be members of The Studio! Click on the following link to visit The Studio Art History Kids website