Enjoy the school break with field trips, movies and crafts. Just because school is out, doesn’t mean that fun and learning have to stop! Jackson Child Care spring and summer camps introduce your child to Northern Virginia’s rich culture through a unique combination of activities and field trips. Our camps offer age-appropriate hands-on learning opportunities. To quote the children, “Every day is special!”

We understand that children learn best through play, and so all of our exciting activities are designed to teach new life skills through exploration, social interaction, stories and games. Each day activities are supervised by nurturing teachers. USDA-approved meals and snacks are also provided so that your child can stay happy and healthy!

We are huge proponents of play! Research has shown that play is a critical component for a child’s learning and development. Play is a time of learning and developmental growth for young children….it is thinking time, planning time, investigating time and creativity time. Children interact with their environmental stimuli with the use of their mind, body, soul and social skills. Progressive learning takes place when children are having fun and enjoying the activity.

Self-discipline and self- control are also key components to our program’s success. JCC’s major program benefit is that through experiences in camp, children will be exposed to different learning styles along with the opportunity to identify the style that fits them best.

Other program benefits include:

  • Ample age-appropriate toys, games, children’s books and supplies
  • Ample space and play equipment for all children in care
  • Daily scheduled activities that are age appropriate and fun
  • Lots of reading and related activities that promote literacy development
  • Safe clean environment with individualized personal attention
  • USDA approved breakfast, lunch and snack menus