With Bernice Mayfield and friends at the Government Center!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the Fairfax Future 20th Annual Symposium, a platform that delved into the intricacies of brain development. The keynote speaker, Angela Searcy (Dr. Angela Searcy), introduced a unique and comprehensive framework for nurturing children’s growth, aptly named ‘Push Past It!’. With its innovative approach, this framework is a must-explore for all early childhood educators and individuals interested in childhood development.

D. Jermaine Johnson, the Greater Washington and Virginia PNC Financial Services Group Regional President, gave the opening remarks. He shared that PNC is committed to early childhood education for children ages 0-5 and is proud to partner with Fairfax Futures to host the School Readiness Symposium.

During the invitation-only ‘Making the Mission Possible’ leadership session with Dr. Searcy, we explored the application of the ‘Push Past It!’ framework in leadership. Dr. Searcy is now offering a valuable resource for educators: ‘Manage Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom With Confidence.’

I am grateful for this opportunity to enhance my skills as a childhood educator and incorporate best practices that promote joyful learning and school readiness in our preschool children.

Thanks to Sallyann Rodriguez-Sawao, Executive Director of Fairfax Futures, Fairfax Future, PNC, participating agencies, and volunteers for their leadership and support of Fairfax early childhood educators.

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