January –  Shadows and Reflections

Welcome to the January newsletter. See us playing, learning, growing, and having fun together. These activities are our secret to developing successful relational life skills.   Skills like empathy, cooperation, compromise, and negotiation.

Fostering cooperation and self-regulation is a learned process through repetitive engagements, with clearly communicated boundaries and guidelines. The kiddos are successful at their various stages of development when we are intentional and consistent with routine repetition and provide them with the opportunity to engage in a high level of outdoor activities.

A  Story Time Book recommendation is Flight School by Lita Judge.


This book was a perfect read to connect with new vocabulary words in our lesson on the life of Martin Luther King Jr.  Words such as perseverance, community, resiliency, and the phrase “to have a dream.” Our Flight School Storytime read was interactive with the kiddos’ participation in-flight movement. They modeled the main character, Penguin, with flipping, and flapping. The kiddos excitedly shared their dreams. The book’s storyline is captivating. We used an open-ended questioning approach to cover scientific early learning concepts about animals and flying. We loved the illustrations.



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