“L” is for Listening

This past week we were busy and accomplished so much all while reinforcing the idea that “L” is for listening.

On Monday, we had a field trip to our local library where we had reading time with Mr. Allen. There, we were reminded to sit still, listen and to use our quiet voices. We also go to read three books: “Still a Gorilla”, “Dog House”, and “Night Owl”.

On Tuesday, we studied science! We learned about the plant cycle and read books that talked about germination. We even did a craft that focused on germination where we planted a bean in a Ziploc bag with water. Now we get to check each day as the bean’s spouts begin to grow.

On Wednesday, we learned about reading food labels and talked about dairy related foods. We also talked about making healthy food choices and reviewed “my plate“. During circle time we discussed: 1) why is it important to eat well?, 2) where does food come from?, 3) my plate nutritional guidelines and 4) ways we are eating healthy at Jackson childcare.

On Thursday, we had Al’s Pals and talked about how “L” is for “listening”. During our circle time we talked about the importance of listening to others and the importance to being listened by others.

Today is now Friday and we are excited about the weekend. During circle time we talked about what happens to the body when people do not eat well. During this time we also reviewed all of the topics that we discussed this week. We are ready for a wonderful weekend!