Along with providing a fun, safe, and nurturing environment for the children in our care, we focus on each child’s early learning and school readiness skills while parents are at work. We designed our program around five key developmental areas — cognitive, social, and emotional, speech and language, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills.

Each child comes to us with his or her own set of strengths and developmental areas in need of support. We develop an individualized learning program that is unique to each child’s needs. This tailored approach increases a child’s ability to experience growth and success.

Children learn by playing. Ours is a play-based environment designed with a daily schedule filled with intentional learning experiences. The experiences are multisensory hands-on, fun adventures that allow the children to learn and practice new skills. Weekly experiences include music, art, language, math, science, media, yummy meals, and lots of physical activity. Our outdoor is filled with early learning materials and equipment to encourage children to explore, investigate, experiment, and be creative through their play experiences.

One of our primary goals is to help prepare the children to transition to kindergarten successfully. In the last few issues of our monthly newsletter, we have introduced readers to three incredible JCC alumni (Dylan, Leo, and Winter). We are proud to share the following testimonials from their parents.

Student Spotlight — Dylan (February 2021 Newsletter) – “Ms. Jackson runs a fantastic daycare. After bouncing around multiple sub-par daycares, we found Jackson Day Care and felt comfortable sending our son there for over two years. Dylan received the right amount of tailored attention to meet his personal growth needs. His parents received continuous and constructive feedback that enabled us to monitor and better contribute to his growth. Ms. Jackson’s attention to reading and storytime (which she continued virtually during the pandemic) and her creative exercises to help the kids learn numbers, letters, shapes, colors, tell time and solve problems were critical impact on our son’s progress. Before the pandemic, she would take regular field trips to the library, museums, farmer markets, and other places, making learning more meaningful for the kids. Ms. Jackson’s tireless efforts helped positioned our son to start school, and he scored very high on his entrance exam to a local kindergarten (where he continues to show progress).” — Dylan’s parents. Student Spotlight — Leo (March 2021 Newsletter) – “As parents, we were looking for a small, at-home childcare/preschool setting where our child could receive individualized attention and be prepared to enter kindergarten. We found exactly what we were looking for when we met Monica Jackson. The curriculum at Ms. Jackson’s is amazing and provides everything a child needs to be prepared for kindergarten. She uses movement, music, and play to help students learn and grow.” — Leo’s mother. Spotlight Winter (April 2021 Newsletter) – “When it was time to transition Winter from her in-home nanny to a setting where she could develop her social-emotional skills with her peers, we looked to Jackson Child Care. Ms. Jackson provided a firm but fun and flexible learning environment that Winter needed to thrive. She learned to navigate friendships, went on engaging field trips, and had new educational experiences that you don’t usually find in an in-home daycare setting. When Winter transitioned to the same school as her older brother, she was well-prepared to do so not only academically, but in terms of the appropriate school readiness skills such as teamwork, keeping her spaces tidy, and appropriately and respectfully following directions.” — Winter’s mother.

We are enrolling and welcome the opportunity to service new families’ childcare needs. Please contact us at