Last week’s favorite featured circle time read was The Little SnowPlow by Lora Koehler and illustrated by Jake Parker. We love this read which covers early learning concepts in a number of foundational block areas. Concepts include science -about seasons, math- about sizes, social and emotional about perseverance and hard work, to name a few.
The storyline is parallel to the Little Engine that could. Instead, of “I think I can”, this is the little snowplow that says, “I did it.”
The big trucks do not think that the little snowplow can handle the job of the big snowfall. But the little snowplow knows that he can do it. To be sure he ups his game and trains hard throughout the year in spring, summer, and fall. He pushes loads of gravel, pulls blocks of concrete and lifts plows to get ready. Sure enough, in winter, when a big storm hits his training pays off, and he comes true like a true champion.
To extend the story, preschoolers’ comprehension, imaginative, and narrative skills, we invited the children to draw their favorite part of the story. They took turns having us label their drawings. We supplied monster trucks for their play time enjoyment while we provided one-on-one literacy support. At circle time, each child took a turn presenting their narrative. The Little SnowPlow is a must read. We would love to know what your kiddos and you think of this book. Please share your experience.