Celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday Through Art, Math and Science!


On Tuesday, we made creative thanksgiving fall collages by organizing our fall leaves, pinecones and pine needles according to shape, color and patterns. The fall season’s colors and textures provided a harvest of natural items to collect! Through this activity we integrated art, math and science! To top everything off, we taught our children a new word, the world collage!

In creating our fall collages we chose our favorite shapes, textures and patterns. Any opportunity to incorporate art we take! To incorporate science, we reviewed the names of the items that we found in nature. We found leaves, pinecones and pine needles!

To incorporate math, we reviewed our favorite shapes while we made our collages. We reviewed how circles, triangles, squares and rectangles are shaped. We even quizzed each other about the shapes that we found in nature! Check out our work below! To view a complete album of pictures click here.