Using Thank You Notes to Support Preschooler Social Development

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving! During the month of November we focused on giving thanks! We encouraged the children to write or draw thank you notes. This is the big gift giving season and the perfect opportunity to expand our children’s social skills by teaching them the power of a handwritten thank you note! This week we got creative with our thank you notes and turned them into turkeys.

‘Tis the season to teach preschoolers how to appreciate and recognize family members, friends and neighbors for their gifts and other kind acts. As we enter December and prepare to celebrate the holiday season, we will continue to brainstorm creative ways to teach our children how to demonstrate thankfulness.

In the spirit of giving thanks, we are also mindful and appreciative of our working families who have chosen to use our childcare/preschool services. We are thankful that you have chosen us to foster your children’s development.  They are thriving because we are working together on their behalf!

We welcome your interest and encourage your feedback. We invite you to give us a like on Facebook. Also, please feel free to share with us your thoughts on teaching children the art of giving thanks!

Being appreciative is a really big deal and we are thankful for each and every one of you!

Happy Holidays!