Hello, Next Door Neighbours and others,

I am Monica Jackson, owner, and operator of Jackson Child Care, a State licensed Family Day Home caring for up to 12 children. I am thankful for this opportunity to live in and be one of the North Springfield community’s youngest residents’ caretakers. Jackson Child Care was founded on hospitality, service, and caring in a diverse community. Ms. Jackson has been in the NS community since 1983. A professional remake from banker to childcare provider best describes my story.

In 1991, Ms. Jackson created Jackson Child Care to service the North Springfield community childcare needs. This creation resulted from her banking experience as a commercial lender and credit manager. Jackson Child Care’s birth was visionary with the opportunity to quickly transfer administrative, technical, and people skills. Enrollment in the NOVA Early Childhood Development Degree Program planted the vision of childcare as a career.  Ms. Jackson’s love for the early childhood program and close working relationship Eula Miller, program director, resulted in her mentoring ten providers (who had been in the program for over five years). Love with a hunger resulting in her graduating from the program in nine months. After graduation, under Ms. Miller’s tutorages, through the Department of Social Services in Arlington, she began teaching a  workshop series in the evenings and on weekends. Ms. Jackson’s workshop training expanded into Loudon County, George Mason Professional Development, and at local, state, and national conferences.

What keeps Ms. Jackson motivated is best summed up in a featured Channel 16 Office for Children’s Video entitled, “Making a living, Making a difference.”  It all about making a difference in others’ lives: Children, families, and other family childcare providers. It is about adding value and providing supporting families, communities, and the economy. Ms. Jackson lives a purposeful life with a passion for preparing children for personal success. She is passionate about quality childcare and building a strong early learning foundation to enable children to grow to their full potential. Ms. Jackson is a lifetime learner who gets inner satisfaction from sharing and applying knowledge for the betterment of self and others. It is a passion and love of learning which she ignites.

In addition to mentoring and training, Ms. Jackson serves as Fairfax Child Care Advisory Council Chairperson. The Council includes professionals in early childhood education, school-age childcare, business, and health care with a common goal: supporting children, families, and early childhood and school-age educators. The Council advises the Board of Supervisors and the Office for Children on childcare programs and policies.

Jackson Child Care Mission is children’s social and academic success. What matters most is equipping children with the skills to succeed in life. Supporting the development of each child’s social skills to the fullest potential as they prepare with confidence success at each milestone level of development.

Ms. Jackson and her staff work with children from ages 3-5 to prepare them for kindergarten in a safe and nurturing home environment. Her program encourages children to learn, play, and grow together. The educational component of her childcare services and the staff experience and knowledge of early childhood development define and differentiate them from other childcare options. This childcare program focuses on language and emerging literacy, math and science, physical health, and social/emotional development. Before the pandemic, children participate in many fun and educational field trips. Ms. Jackson believes in the importance of experiential learning within the community. Experiential field trips include the library, museums, parks, the National Zoo, and Six Flags, to name a few on a long list.

At this time, Jackson Child Care suspended field trips with a shift to outdoor classroom programming. Ms. Jackson is redesigning and equipping the entire outdoor area to support the children’s play, learning, and development. It is a transformation focus on fostering scientific, math, and language skills with gardening and a formal outdoor learning nature curriculum.  #WhyIDoThis

To view our Movie: They Grow Up So Fast, please copy and paste this link, https://photos.app.goo.gl/9XgtQhCxFNR7abAN8.