Our end of the reopening week. Fourth-Day Experience – Highlighting Creative Art -Mixing Colors! As shown in the accompanying album, https://photos.app.goo.gl/1pUn2dzY8Q7jnScG8, it was another accomplished yet fun day. The Parent Album Collection highlights happy engagement in the following developmental activities: Learning activities to include literacy, art, science, and self- regulation skills. We are sharing this self-assessment.

How did last week’s reopening go? It was a successful first week. We opened with only two returning families! This low registration experience allows us to approach the upcoming weeks with confidence. Operating within the reopening physical distancing, health, and safety guidelines is a challenge. However, this past week, we found ways to use indoor and outdoor settings to engage children in fun learning activities. We relocated daily learning outdoors and, when indoors, making use of natural ventilation (kept the windows open).

Indoor and Outdoor Setting to Promote Socialization and Physical Distancing!

What did we learn this past week? Using our early childhood knowledge, experience, and creativity, we can operate within the reopening guidelines. Yes! It is challenging, costly, exhausting, and crushing. However, it is what is required during this pandemic to safeguard children, families and staff, health, and safety.

Last week’s daily rundown:

All in all, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to start with a small group. We used our knowledge and experience to be intentional in planning and engagement in fun learning experiences.  This small group size allowed the chance to practice and work on perfecting required reopening operating procedures. It is a learning process; it is a challenge, but we feel confident and ready to welcome more students as parents return to work.

For the past 13 weeks, Ms. Jackson was busily engaged in professional development webinars and keeping abreast of industry updates and successes at the local, state, national, and international levels. She is using this knowledge to support her success, along with the success of other childcare professionals. Collaborations with industry peers and the support from those providers who remained open throughout the pandemic are helping drive this fantastic journey.

Thanks, everyone, for your affirmation and encouragement.