Operational Changes Response to COVID-19

Sharing an update on our functional changes as we navigate COVID-19. We carefully evaluated our teachers’ and children’s health needs and made the difficult decision to make a schedule change. A change in response to the CDC, the health department, and early childcare experts’ recommendations. In compliance with the Fairfax health authority and the CDC, at Jackson Child Care, we made a proactive decision (after week-long care for children with excessive flu-like symptoms) to embark on a deep cleaning and full sanitization. This action was for the health and safety of the kids, teachers, and parents. For us, this was a responsible and knowledge-based decision to deliver quality early care to sustain a healthy community.

To help contain and slow down the virus, we are doing our part practicing social distancing for two weeks. During this time, we are monitoring and keeping abreast of covid-19 updates and plan to reassess whether or not to have the children return on March 30. This action will be precise and in the best interest of everyone.

We are in daily communication with parents and are doing our best to provide updates. As the situation continues to evolve, we may make some more changes.  Changes to uphold our mission to foster each child’s personal best with quality early care and early learning program. Our’s a program that emphasizes health, safety, and well-being as top priorities. Thankful for serving such beautiful and understanding families.

From My Healthy Me Habits Curriculum – Required Handwashing to prevent illness in daycare

  1. Use the proper handwashing steps as you enter daycare, after wiping your nose, after using the bathroom, before and after eating, after coming in from playing outside. Toss dirty Kleenex and paper towel in a covered trash can
  2. Stay at home when sick. “Germs are not for sharing!”
  3. Stay far away from people who are sick (no hugs or kisses)
  4. Practice social distancing at least six feet apart (teach spatial awareness-personal space)
  5. Keep hands away from the face, eyes, nose, and mouth (this is a battle)
  6. Adults – Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects, toys, and surfaces (computers and cell phones)

 A new normal, learning, playing, and growing together from a distance!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at jacksonchildcare@gmail.com.