As a childcare provider, what I do with and for children today makes a difference in their lives today and tomorrow. I approach this responsibility with great respect and preparation.

To better understand my work’s impact, upcoming newsletters will feature the success stories of past and present children in care, read this month’s  2021 February Newsletter This newsletter “Spotlight”  introduces Dylan Weiner, one of our 2020 rising kindergarteners.

To second the Weiner Family newsletter testimonial, at Jackson Child Care we provide your child with a warm and nurturing environment to play, grow and learn. Also, I am dedicated to preparing each child for success and school readiness. The implementation of best practices and a research-based early childhood curriculum is critical to achieving these goals.

My passion is to support children’s development — to teach children to have a vision, be problem solvers and critical thinkers. My mission is to lay early learning foundations for children to grow up with the social, cognitive, and emotional skills to be confident, productive citizens.

Ongoing self-improvement allows me to serve my childcare families and the community better. I invest in my personal and professional development. I am active in childcare learning communities, academic certificate programs, and state/county childcare legislation.

I am passionate about children’s success. I am humbled that parents trust in me to foster their children’s growth and development. If I can be of help to your family, please contact me at 703-354-5913 or