Early literacy is what children know about reading and writing before they can read and write. On Monday, the kiddos participated in Ms. Vicki’s story time program. They enjoyed Ms. Vicki’s “A is for Apple story time theme.” She shared with parents and caregivers two of the six early literacy skills – letter knowledge and vocabulary building. The kiddos enjoyed the apple craft which extended their learning in math, art, and language.

On Tuesday, Ms. Charmelle Clark led our circle and read the “What I like about me” Big Book!. She engaged the kiddos in a craft to extend weekly theme learning. She invited the kiddos to make an All About Me Puzzle with popsicle sticks. The crafting process benefited the kiddos in many learning developmental domains. Thank you, Ms. Clark, for sharing your knowledge and love for crafting! The kiddos had fun learning and crafting!

Al’s Pals Lesson on Friendship- On our wonderful Wednesday, Ms. Tasneem set the stage for teaching this lesson on friendship by reading the children’s book “My Friend is Sad” by Moe Williams. The book speaks directly to young children about friendship. Before and after the read, Ms. Tasneem asked the children to answer the questions- What is a friend? What do you do with a friend? In today’s lesson, Al introduced his friends Ty and Keisha. Through role-play, Ms. Tasneem used the three puppets to demonstrate friendship and show how friends communicate and cooperate with each other.  We had fun learning a new song entitled “Be My Friend.”

Our Tremendous Thursday included a library field trip. Field trip highlights included big block play and story time. Using four featured books, Ms. Jackson engaged the kiddos in a series of interactive read. In circle time, we continued with our review of the positional concept “To Be in the middle.” Today’s discussion included blocks and poster manipulatives to help the kiddos with a visual to grasp this cognitive understanding. Ms. Tasneem read an All About Me Book – Eyes, Nose, Fingers, and Toes book by Judy Hindley.

Our Fantastic Friday brought the week to a close with engagement in a host of activities from literacy, letter recognition, story time, Al’s Pals social studies and science. We created five science stations with hands-on lessons. At each station, Ms. Jackson invited the kiddos to participate, experiment, and explore their five senses.  

The kiddos were asked to use words to describe objects and their experiences. They were also asked to compare the stations. This process resulted in an expansion of vocabulary and many new descriptive words such as squishy spikey, rough, smooth, hard, soft, sandy, sour, sweet, cold, bumpy, watery, slimy to name a few.