At Jackson Child Care, this means supporting young children’s understanding of age-appropriate developmental concepts in the following foundational areas: Social and emotional, literacy-language, health and physical development, math, science, art, music, and social studies. It is the adults in a child’s home and preschool setting that helps to foster skill building in these areas. Children’s learning is further enhanced when there is an established emotional bond and trust between the child and the adults.

As experienced early childhood educators, we play a vital role in your children’s learning. Hence the reason so much time and resources are invested in communication, training, use of research-based curricula, and participation in best practices to support each child’s success. Why individual success versus group success? Each child is unique and comes with a set of their talents and strengths.  We are learning more about what each one of us is good at through our ongoing “All About Me,” “My Family,” and “My Community” series.

We rely on the mentioned investments, community resources, along with our knowledge, experience, and skills to develop a customized curriculum to meet your children’s needs. We use the daily schedule with established routines as building blocks to lay a solid foundation for designing children’s early learning. To further explain, we provide two foundational skill development examples. The first is an excerpt from Virginia Infant and Toddler Specialist Network on Language development: 

The second is Rae Pica explanation on math development.  Notice how this explanation aligns and supports a variety of our fun creative sensory art activity. Here is Ms. Pica’s statement: ‘When we think about geometry, we typically think first about the shapes that are part of it. But when we’re working with young children, exploring geometric shapes should follow the exploration of lines, points, and positional concepts “. View her YouTube video for more about Active Learning at 

There is a lot more to be said about building your children’s early learning foundation. Your daily parent reports highlight developmental building activities. The albums and videos show our engagement and guidance. The children are learning and becoming confident communicators. We know they are learning through daily interactions, their self-confidence, and other evidence all around. We see that they are thriving!