We would like to thank our parents for their dedication, hard work and continued support of our program and the work we do for early learners!

We hope that our summer summary series serves as a reference on how Jackson Childcare helps to lay your child’s early learning foundation!

On Monday, we went to Hidden Oaks Nature Center! This nature center is designed for exploration and discovery. It is equipped with snakes, turtles, fish, an indoor play structure, a science area as well as several other nature-based stations for hands-on exploration. As shown the kiddos were enlightened and engaged

On Tuesday, we had story time with Barbara Effron at Kings Park Library. Story time ended on a high with bubble fun! Barbara has the talent for captivating the kiddos with the use of her storytelling creative and imaginative skills. We love her!

On Wednesday, we had an awesome time at Green Spring Gardens! We took so many pictures and a few videos to capture all of joy filled day.

Thursday was a fun-filled day spend going down water slides, standing under the splash of the giant water bucket, playing in the sand area and more. Kiddos were astonished by this water park. They had an enormously good time! It is quite an adventure exploring NOVA water parks.

Friday was a day full of enjoyment! We got off to a great start with Ms. Liz’s story time and continued with a playful momentum throughout the day.  Ms. Ruth’s creative umbrella craft offered the children the opportunity to express their observations with excellent articulation!

That’s a wrap! Join us next week for another summary. Same place and time 🙂