Supporting kiddos early learning

Teaching with intentionality is a skill that comes with a host of developmental benefits to support the framework of an early learning foundation. Children learn through play. For this reason, we practice the use of research-based guided play as our curriculum’s foundation.   We understand the purpose and power of play from a child’s point of view:

“I play because I have too

I am ready to play

I play because I was created to play

I have five senses which I use to play

I play because I learn through play

I have a mind that is full of imaginary play

I keep busy thinking of creative ways to play

I have a day job which is to play and look for ways to play

I grow through play. The more I play, the more I grow!

I am happy and having fun when I play

It is fun to play, learn and grow!”

In keeping with our conversation of play, check out our weekly summary below!

On Monday, the kiddos were invited to make a coloring selection from a stack of coloring sheets. Each sheet featured a weekly camp creativity theme. Ms. Ruth help to make a connection between these camp themes and their related field trips.

On Tuesday, we had our yearly visit to Peek a Boo Daycare. Peek a Boo Daycare is a state licensed family day home owned and operated by Ms. Gita D’Souza Kumar. This visit served to foster the kiddos social and behavioral skills through play with other children and the development of relationships with their peers. The kiddos had a lovely time!

Wednesday’s adventure was to welcome the month of August with a visit to Lake Accotink for an engaging outdoor play experience. This field trip offered an opportunity to learn about the park, to explore, and to discover while getting rid of excessive energy. A joyful and play-filled outdoor learning experiences for the kiddos.

On Thursday, the highlight of our day was to attend George Mason Regional Library Story time followed by lunch at Burger King. Thanks to Ms. Joo (Major and Maxine Mother) for scheduling time to join us at Story Time and to have lunch with us.

On Friday, we experienced the Volcano Island Waterpark located in Loudoun County. This is an island-themed waterpark in Algonkian Regional Park in Sterling. We spent most of our time in the Salamander Sound area of the waterpark. The kiddos loved the enjoyable water experience. All kids (including the youngest) came down the big blue slides, multiple times. Oh, my goodness, our kids loved the experience!

Why we love play!

Play supports children’s physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and language development. With an informed understanding of how learning through the five senses helps us as early childhood professionals to foster the development of the whole child with skills to succeed at each stage of development.

As always we welcome your comments. Let’s have a conversation!