We would like to thank our parents for their dedication, hard work and continued support of our program and the work we do for early learners!

We hope that our summer summary series serves as a reference on how Jackson Childcare helps to lay your child’s early learning foundation!

On Monday, our Camp Creativity project centered on sharing campfire stories. We found that the assigned project as presented on the instruction sheet failed to align with the kiddos stage of development, so we problem solved by inviting the kiddos to use coloring material and supplies to create colored cylinders. The results were amazing

On Tuesday, the kiddos had the best time with lots of fun exploring our home garden, playing musical instruments, drawing on the outdoor blackboard, and playing in rain puddles. We ended the experience by extending their bubble play beyond the backyard and into Green Spring Garden’s large field! We plan to be back on a sunny day in August. The kiddos will be amazed to experience the garden in a whole new way!

Our Wonderful Wednesday took place at Richard Byrd Library where we attended a program titled “Zoo.” Year after year, Ms. Vicki delivers a fantastic storytime complete with a pretend petting zoo equipped with a variety of stuffed animals. Participation in today’s program was an excellent prelude to our upcoming visit next month to the Smithsonian National Zoo. 

On Thursday, we experienced music and movement with Kofi Dennis. The kids were exposed to a variety of cultural music with an invitation to get up and move. Some kiddos played the drums while others danced with ribbons. During our “Circle time” we focused on social, emotional and language development skills and discussed the topic of taking turns, speaking with clarity (loud and proud) and practicing age-appropriate behavior at home.

On Friday, we experienced the Volcano Island Waterpark located in Loudoun County. This is an island-themed waterpark in Algonkian Regional Park in Sterling. We spent most of our time in the Salamander Sound area of the waterpark. The kiddos loved the enjoyable water experience. All kids (including the youngest) came down the big blue slides, multiple times. Oh, my goodness, our kids loved the experience!

That’s a wrap! Join us next week for another summary. Same place and time 🙂