Our Al’s Pal’s lesson for the day was “Different is Okay!”. Our lesson opened with the following statement, “Did you know that it is okay to like things that are different from what other people like?” The purpose of the lesson was to help the kiddos understand that there are different ways of doing things and having different ideas is okay. Our lesson was further enhanced with a pizza making creative art activity. The kiddos talked about their creation and learned it is okay for their friends to like different toppings.

In Tuesday’s circle we talked about the October calendar and about the four seasons. Circle time featured read non-fiction book was “A Tree for All Season” by Robin Berrard. We extended the learning about trees and their seasonal changes as covered in the book with an art activity. We limited the kiddos coloring supplies to orange, yellow, red, and brown crayons. They were very creative and loved the excitement of learning to use scissors.

On Wednesday, we continued our creative art expression with fall colors. We used this time to reinforce our earlier Al’s Pals lesson “We are different and that ok!”. Our kiddos enjoyed another Al’s Pals lesson that focused on how to brainstorm. We had a wonderful time! 

It seemed like our tremendous Thursday flew by with one engagement after another. Our kiddos were energetic and they were eager to learn. We are beginning to observe the use of  their gained knowledge in daily conversations. Leo brought from home another featured book for circle time, Counting Kisses by Karen Katz. 

We were so grateful on Friday to have early literacy story time with Ms. Liz! During this special time we read, “I just ate my friend” by Heidi McKinnon. What a wonderful way to end the week with a bunch of “Happy Kiddos” learning, playing, and growing together!