We are so thankful that on Monday, Ms. Charmelle helped us to welcome fall with a creative paper bag puppet craft. What a fun activity to kick off our fall lessons. This activity supported the kiddos to learn about the seasons, colors associated with fall, practice fine motor skills, and to be imaginative. This fun craft helped all of us to experience and learn through our five senses.

For years, we have instilled in our kiddos the importance of listening. So much of our communication throughout the day with them require their use of active listening skills. Our Tuesday video, shared snippets of our daily routine with the kiddo’s engagement in active listening. Throughout the day we intentionally guided and engaged the kiddos in conversations requiring their attention and participation. We participated in this practice in support of building an early learning foundation in getting the kiddos ready for successful elementary education and beyond. Daily lesson included this phrase “Listeners are learners”!

On Wednesday, we continued our daily lesson of  “Listeners are Learners”. The kids participated in a  straight line tracing art activity that supported their fine motor skill development using fall colors crayons. Additionally, during outside play, they took turns with an aiming and tossing game that supported their gross motor skills with sensory and cognitive developmental benefits.

On Thursday, we continued with Al’s Pals lesson – It is okay to be different! The kiddos honestly had fun learning and dancing to the song “Different and the Same.” During outdoor time, we played a variety of games. Our kids had fun with the balls, the swing, the kitchen, the dollhouse and more. The kids especially loved playing with Ms. Tasneem and had loads of fun learning two new games with bouncing balls, hula hoops, and jumping in and out of the hula hoops. For our art creativity, we used falls colors paper strips and the kid made beautiful wreaths. They enjoyed this activity while being creative and developing fine motor skills!

Our kids were so proud to make a family tree on Friday! Using three colors: green, red, and yellow, on a tree template they painted apples. First, we counted the number of family members in each child’s household and then placed the respective number of apples on the tree.

Later in the day, the Kiddos engaged in two types of play:

Functional (Exploration) Play during which time the kids discovered and answered guided questions such as: How does this object/toy look? How does it feel? How heavy or light? What shape is it? What color is it?

Secondly, the kids engaged in constructive play where they discovered answers to a different set of guided questions: What can I do with this toy? Can I make something new with these shapes? How high can I build before it falls?

During circle time, we reviewed the calendar and discussed the concept of time, all the while saying bye to September. There were a few disappointed over the missed Fire Station field trip. However, we quickly got over the disappointment and had fun playing and learning together! There will be another opportunity!